Glad Tidings for the Strangers

  • A Muslim family in the New York City subway… According to Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Islam began as something strange , and it will become strange again just as it started, so glad tidings for the strangers’’. (narrated by Muslim) Ibn Abd Al Barr, May Allah have mercy on him, said, “The reason why the first Islamic century was the best one is that Muslims at that time were strangers in their faith as they were very few among a large number of unbelievers who used to harm them, and they were patient with this and held on to their religion. It will be the same with the last Muslims if they establish their religion, hold on to it and manage to obey Allah when trials and disobedience becomes comon. Then, they will be strangers, and their works will be pure and righteous as were those of the early ones”. (Fath’ Al Bari, explanation of Sahih Al Bukhari, 7 – 6 / 7).
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