The solitary ones are first.

  • According to Abu Huraira, may Allah be pleased with him, the Prophet, peace be upon him, was walking towards Makkah , he passed by a mountain called “Jumdan” and said, “Keep moving. This is Jumdan. The Mufradun (solitary ones) are first (in spiritual rank)”. His companions asked, “O Allah’s messenger, what does Al Mufradun mean? He answered, “Those who remember Allah much”. (Narrated by Muslim , Hadith no 4834) . The word ‘Mufradun’ refers to those whose companions have died and left them, but they keep remembering Allah after them. Ibn Al A’raby said, "The verb ‘’farada’’ (to be solitary) means that a person has studied jurisprudence and retired from judgement and commanding and prohibiting”. (Reference: Annawawis explanation of Sahih Muslim 4/17). This definition may include everyone who is distinguished by piety and righteousness without the support of others.
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