When a Muslim prays , he faces Allah –Most Glorious He is . So he should purify himself to be prepared for the meeting and speaking with the Lord of the heavens and the earth . Since Allah doesn't accept the prayer of anyone until he does the ablutions , a Muslim must learn how to do his ablutions .

We shall show here how to do the ablutions according to the prophetic traditions .

Before doing the ablutions , a Muslim must get rid of the impurities from his body ; he must also get rid of things that prevent water from reaching the skin like glue , paint ...etc .

Then he says : ''In the name of Allah ''

He washes his hands three times .

He does the ''madmada'' which is washing the mouth three times , and he inhales water three times . The way to wash the mouth is put water in the mouth and move it . And the way to inhale is to take water by the right hand , inhale it , then blow it out of the nose with the help of the left hand .

He washes his face three times . He must wash all the face , from the hair place above the forehead to the chin (the end of the beard) , and from the ear to the ear . If the beard is thick , he washes its surface ; it is preferable to comb it with the fingers , if the beard is light , he washes it so that water reaches the skin of the face .

He washes his right forearm three times from the tips of his fingers to the elbow , then he washes his left forearm three times from the tips of the fingers to the elbow .

He takes a little water with his hands and passes his hands on his head from the forehead to the neck , and then he does the same thing from the neck to the forehead .

With what is left from the water of the head , he puts the right forefinger in the right ear and the left forefinger in the left ear . At the same time , he wipes the inside of the ears with the forefingers and the outside of the ears with the thumbs . Thus the ears are purified from the inside and the outside .

He washes his right foot three times from the tips of his toes , washing between the toes . He goes on washing until he washes the ankle . He does the same with his left foot ; he washes it from the tips of the toes to the ankle three times .

When he finishes his ablutions , he says :'' I witness that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammad is His servant and messenger".

These are some remarks that should be taken into consideration while doing the ablutions :

A Muslim should not waste a lot of water for ablutions . Allah doesn't like the wasteful . The right amount of water is what is logically accepted .
The intention is easy . Its place is the heart . When you go to the water for the ablution , this is the intention . A Muslim shouldn't complicate the matter and speaks it up saying :'' I have the intention to do my ablutions for the prayer of Dhohr''
Anyone who gets up from sleep , or lets slip shouldn't make l'istinja'e (wash the genital orifices) . He can do the ablutions right away . He washes the genital orifices only when he goes to the rest room for urine or excrement .
If he could use the miswak before the ablutions , it would be better .
While doing the ablutions , a Muslim should wash all his organs ; he shouldn't skip any place even as small as a fingernail .
A Muslim should do his ablutions in one go . He shouldn't wash one organ and wait until it is dry to wash the next one .
After doing the ablution , you may wipe the organs with a towel .

Some people do some mistakes ; they use some dhikr while doing the ablutions . example :
While washing the mouth , they say :''O God ! Prompt me my proofing the Day I meet You , and let my tongue remember You .''
When they wash their faces they say :'' O God ! Let my face be white on the Day when the faces are black .
When they wash their right hands they say :'' O God ! Let me take my book with my right hand''.

All these words are wrong . The correct dhikr is that which is said in the beginning of the ablutions , which is :''In the name of Allah'' and also the tachahhud in the end ; to say : '' I witness that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammad is His servant and messenger".

A lot of scholars say that a Muslim should wash the organ completely without excess as it is mentioned in the verse of Surat Al Ma'ida . He washes his forearm up to the elbow , and he shouldn't wash the arm . He washes the foot up to the ankle , and he mustn't wash the shank . He should wash his face up to its limits and shouldn't wash his head and neck .

It is wrong to wash an organ more than three times .

A Muslim can wash each organ three times .

He may wash each organ twice , and he may wash each organ one time only .

He may wash one organ one time , another organ two times , and another organ three times .

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