Why do Muslim Women Wear Hijab and what is the Wisdom behind it?

Reviewing by : A.J. Kassem

   Most people wonder how Muslim women can be satisfied with wearing modest clothing in public and covering their hair and the reasons that they have been doing so.

The answer for most Muslims is that they believe that Islam is a true religion from Allah (God), revealed to his prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Therefore, they are satisfied to follow its directives because Allah is all-knowing and aware of all creatures and what is in their best interests.

Regarding the wisdom and benefits of the hijab, for women, it covers them and signifies their beauty, like a special case for a precious jewel that should not be touched or stared at due to its great value. It also prevents men from looking at women who may be more beautiful than their wives, so as to not be distracted or make their wives jealous, as they will keep their energy and desires to their wives instead of wasting them on women they have no relationship with. While men are allowed to look at non-family women for the purpose of considering marriage or medical emergencies, etc., many social problems have been solved by Islam from the beginning by legislating the hijab as an indication that a woman chooses to remain chaste and a reminder for men to lower their gaze.

Translated By Tahani Alshahrani

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